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About Olive Baby

Anna Falkowski, HBSc, N.D.
Founder/Naturopathic Doctor

A little about me...I received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology from the University of Western Ontario, and later went on to complete four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I graduated as a Naturopathic doctor in May of 2003.  Driven by my passion for helping children and people with sensitivities, I knew when I became a mother of 3 children, that I would raise them as naturally as possible.  After using various store-bought and home-made lotions and salves, I made the decision to formulate my own skin care line. I was confident with my background in botanical medicine that I could develop the ideal skin nourisher and thus Olive Baby was born!  Since the very beginning, I have chosen the formulas to rely on the healing benefits of ‘nature’. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on its therapeutic value. I have remained dedicated to formulating the best products possible and confidently share these with you and your family.

Lisa McLinden
Business Development Manager

A little about me...before joining Olive Baby, my background was in social services and education, where I worked with children and youth for many years in the field of Special Education.  As an employee, and more importantly a mother, I have seen firsthand the importance of raising children in the most loving, creative, and natural environment possible. Whether it’s the food I feed my family, the products I use on their skin, or the efforts we make together to live a more sustainable lifestyle, I am committed to sharing the knowledge and love I have for living the healthiest life possible.

Our Story

As long time friends, we’ve been through many firsts over the time we’ve known one another. Whether it was weddings, babies, homes, or road trips, it was natural that our friendship evolved into a partnership at Olive Baby.  We both feel we bring different things to this great company; however, are equally committed to formulating the best all natural skin care products possible.  We rely on nature’s simplicity as the inspiration behind our formulations and are happy to share our products with you. Welcome to Olive Baby!

Our Philosophy:

Relying on the healing benefits of ‘nature’, our ingredients have been kept minimal. Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on its nutritive and healing abilities. Olive Baby products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and high quality standards.
All-natural: We use only the gentlest, non-irritating and natural ingredients. We rely on nature’s simplicity as the inspiration behind our formulations. We infuse our oils with healing botanicals, and use anti-oxidants to extend the shelf-life of our products. No harmful preservatives.
Fragrance-free: Many natural products are fragranced with essential oils, but we understand that these are often irritating for baby’s delicate skin. Olive Baby products are not fragranced, making them the ideal choice for infants, babies with eczema and individuals with sensitivities.
Olive Baby products contain:

  • NO harsh chemicals
  • NO fragrances or essential oils
  • NO petroleum
  • NO nut oils