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Head-To-Toe Body Wash Refill Concentrate


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Our Head-to-Toe Body Wash Refill Concentrate is enough to make 7 to 10 of our popular 200mL Foamer bottles - an economical option for our die-hard followers! Olive Baby Head-to-Toe Body Wash is a 100% natural olive oil Castile Soap. This gentle hypo-allergenic formula uses olive oil to nourish the skin – no harmful additives or chemicals. Your Refill Concentrate is enough to fill seven to ten of our 200mL Foamer bottles. Our foamer bottle produces a rich lather leaving skin clean and soft. Wonderful for individuals with sensitive skin and allergies who find commercial cleansers too irritating and drying. Ideal for the entire family!

Directions: Fill 1/4 to 1/2 of your foamer bottle with your Refill Concentrate. Top up with distilled or purified water.

Recommended Uses for our Head-To-Toe Body Wash:
-Use as a full body soap at every bath time
-Use as a hand soap in all your bathrooms (a few drops of your favorite essential oil can be added if you prefer something with scent).
-Wonderful gentle face wash (removes all make-up without drying)
-gentle shampoo for baby’s hair
-convenient size for travelling
-great for camping (biodegradable)


Saponified Olive Oil: This oil is a favorite for dry and irritated skin, and is what makes this soap a truly castile soap. It is very well absorbed, has a low allergenic potential and is extremely gentle. Olive oil promotes skin elasticity, is a powerful anti-oxidant and heals damaged and irritated skin.

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